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Always wondered why some people are financially successful? Invite money and success into your life today!

In Feng Shui aromatherapy it is important to bring the energy of the body into balance with nature, and clarify the mind, body and soul.

Dates back to 2,700 BC, masters of the ancient art of feng shui were well aware that scents could be utilized to help individuals achieve success in life (by author, Marie Mandolin). They used highly aromatic herbs to cleanse spaces and to drive away evil energy and stagnant Chi, or 'life force'. They also used aromatherapy as a tool to promote good-health, create harmony and balance and so prosperity.

Flowers, fresh from the garden, attract positive chi (positive energy). The strength of their fragrance overwhelms sha chi (negative energy) and diffuses or negates physically bad smells. Freshly baked bread has a welcoming energy, stimulating the taste buds into a hunger. Real estate agents selling homes like to advise homeowners to explore both these means to attract buyers. Aromatherapy is the means of encouraging positive connections, warding off dark, unhealthy energy.

Therapeutic essential oils fill our senses and trigger various states of consciousness. They provide exquisite aroma to balance mood, dispel negative emotions, and create a romantic atmosphere. They provide gentle encouragement to become aware of the thought and emotional patterns that create your reality. Combining essential oils with feng shui can strengthen your ability to identify the influences obstructing you from achieving harmony, joy and balance.

Blu Scents's powerful natural Feng Shui Aroma Series are the perfect way to clear & energize your body and home and stimulating the flow of Chi (energy).


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