Pampering & Massage

The pure essences of aromatic plants have been prized for thousands of years for their health-giving properties & heady scents. Discover the ancient art of aromatherapy, refined over the centuries, & learn to harness the therapeutic powers of essential oils in a relaxing, restorative massage that combines the sense of smell with the healing value of touch. Use the beneficial properties of the oils to treat common ailments, promote good health& emotional well being & to enhance every aspect of your life. These potent, volatile essences are nature’s gift to mind & body.


  • It’s ready to apply on skin,
  • Proven English tradition grandmother’s recipes, 
  • 100% artificial chemical free ingredients,
  • Diluted to only virgin cold-pressed almond oil,
  • Using Wheat Germ as natural preservative.

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International Practitioner Of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) approved therapists

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