Misty Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

  • Model: BLU472


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* Fine water mist without creating condensation
* Low energy consumption
* Safe & easy to operate
* Auto shut-off that added peace of mind
* Effective in vaporizing pure essential oils



Blu Scents Misty Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser is a mini aroma diffuser integrated with the latest ultrasonic vibration mechanism and added with the amazing multiple LED coloured lights.

This diffuser has simple & yet stylish design, ideal for bedrooms and apartments, or other intimate spaces. The diffuser offers soft LED lights transform into a range of colours, creating a relaxing harmony tones whilst releases enchanting aroma mist into the air.
As you wish, you may opt to select your preferred colour lighting or  ‘off ’ lighting mode making it perfect for use at night time too.
Furthermore, with its fine & tiny mist feature also helps to hydrate especially air-conditioned environments without creating condensation.

It has timer function and also incorporates a patented auto shut-off to bring you peace of mind, which will be triggered when the water level falls below the minimum level. This makes them safe to use in elderly and young children’s room.

This must be the perfect way to enliven your space with fragrance, colour and light.

Size: 90 x 168MM
Weight: 230G
Power Supply: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ (Output) : DC 24V
Supply Cable: length 150CM
Rated Power: 13W
Water tank capacity: 100ML
LED: 6 sets
Body Material: PP
Accessories: 1 x AC/DC Adaptor, 1 x measuring cup, and 1 x Instructions Manual
Ultrasonic frequency: 2.4 MHz

 Attentions and notes
1. This diffuser operates maximum up to 4 hours continuously
2. It is normal that the mist produced varies in intensity
3. The types of water used, the temperature & wind direction will affect the mist produced
4. The LED light will flicker if there’s is no water in the tank, the aroma diffuser cannot operate without water
5. Use only 100% pure essential oil. It’s possible to damage the diffuser if the oil used contained synthetic chemicals.
6.Refer to Instructions Manual for more info.



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