Lollipop Reeds Diffuser

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* Simple and elegant way to fragrance your space
* Unique decoration
* Great door gift
* Great alternatives to candles
* Do not require electric or batteries



Always want your living space to smell nice but can't keep an eye on a candle? With this Lollipop Reeds Diffuser, you and your guest can be greeted with your beautiful scents whenever step into your living area.
The diffuser reeds soak up the pure essential oil and disperse the scent gently into the air.
They are perfect for small spaces such as bathrooms, closets, office, car, etc.

Approx Size: 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 8cm
Free Item: 1 x Blu Scents 5ml Amber Glass Bottle With Drop Dispensing Insert

Instruction Of use:
Add in any of your favourite pure essential oil into the 5ml dispenser bottle and insert the lollipop stick into it, wait for the oil to "wick up" the reeds and diffuse into the air. The scent throw will range, depending on the pure essential oils used, room temperature, etc. As it is not dispensing through heat or vibration, so it will not throw strong scent like a candle, tart, or oil warmer.
If reeds do not diffuse anymore, they may be clogged with dust. Simply replace them.

Blu Scents 5ml Amber Glass Bottle With Drop Dispensing Insert
Capacity: 5ml
Material: Glass Bottle with Plastic Drop Dispensing Insert and stopper
Colour: Amber

Best for storing pure essential oils, massage oils and other liquids. It has enhanced with a security stopper that fits tightly to prevent leakages and keep your oils safe while you are on the go.

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