Blu Scents Rosewood Lovely Plush Bear Keychain Gift Set

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* Scents your space naturally
* Deeply soothing & comforting.
* Help to relieve headaches.
* Lovely aroma gift
* An adorable plush keyring to keep your keys safe

Blu Scents Rosewood Lovely Plush Bear Keychain Gift Set Inclusive Of:
1 x Blu Scents Rosewood Pure Essential Oil 5ml
1 x Lovely Plush Bear with Hat & Scarf Keychain
1 x Adorable Pinkish drawstring bag



Enjoy & discover the treasure trove of aromatherapy with a lovely plush bear and Blu Scents therapeutic grade Rosewood pure essential oil.


Simply add few drops of Rosewood pure essential oil on the plush, take a whiff to enjoy its sweet & soft woody-floral aroma to soothe and comfort your mind.


It works wonder in scenting your closet, wardrobe, car or even bags too.


This gift set has completed with an adorable pinkish drawstring bag, great for self-indulgence or gift giving.


ROSEWOOD Pure Essential Oil

100% Aniba rosaedora (Concentrated, Therapeutic Grade)
Scents Description: sweet & soft woody-floral aroma
Species Name: Aniba roseodra
Country of Origin: Guyana/Brazil
Extraction: Wood chippings
Note: Middle
Size: 5ml

* Deeply soothing & comforting.
* Great oil for relief stress & frigidity.
* Help to relieve headaches.
* Suitable for the most sensitive & dry skins.
* Helpful for wrinkles & stretch mark problems.

Blends Well:
Blends well with Sandalwood, Mandarin, Neroli, etc.

Safety Data:
Perfectly safe for home use.

From a facial to a full body massage, it benefits both skin & mood in one clean sweep!



Lovely Plush Bear With Hat & Scarf Keychain
Size : Approx 10cm
* An adorable bear with keychain
* The fascinating way to keep your keys safe & adorable

The colour of plush bear will be packed randomly unless specify when order is placed and subject upon availability.

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International Practitioner Of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) approved therapists

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