Menopause Soother Pure Essential Oil Remedy

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* Hormone Balancing
* Hot flushes, sweating, insomnia
* Balancing emotions (irritability, depression), dry skin.
* Menopause soother
* Synergy Blend of 100% pure essential oil – 100% naturally extracted from plants
* concentrated & with therapeutic grade, source from members of ATC (Aromatherapy Trade Council) in UK

Blu Scents Menopause Soother Pure Essential Oil Remedy Inclusive Of:

1 x Blu Scents Geranium Pure Essential Oil 5ml
1 x Blu Scents Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil 5ml


Menopause is a natural progression of the cycle of life in all women during late 40s or early 50s.

Hormonal changes triggered by menopause causes both physical and emotional symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, insomnia, etc may make women feel themselves not as charming as before.

Those symptoms and changes indicated the losses of fertility and youthfulness. Positive attitude, balance diet and regular exercise can help avoid or lessen occurrence of these symptoms.


Blu Scents Menopause soother remedies always with you and help you to go through this difficult milestone, consoling these undesirable symptoms without side effects.


The easiest way to apply this would be having a warm, soothing bath, add a few drops of the Blu Scents Menopause soother remedies to bathwater and enjoyed!

Alternatively, you dilute it to your preferable carrier oil and apply as body moisturiser after bath or shower.

GERANIUM Pure Essential Oil

100% Pelargonium graveolens (Concentrated, Therapeutic Grade)
Scents Description: rich & rosy-sweet floral scents
Species Name: Pelargonium graveolens
Country of Origin: Egypt
Extraction: Leaves, stalks & flowers
Note: Middle

* Uplifting and balancing emotions.
* Tonic to liver & kidneys.
* Helps with water retention (lower limbs).
* Regulates hormonal balance.
* Good for mature & any skin problems.

Safety Data:
Perfectly safe for home use. May be slightly irritating, if apply on hypersensitive skin.

Mixed with carrier oil, it makes an excellent neck & shoulder / facial massage.

CLARY SAGE Pure Essential Oil
100% Salvia sclarea (Concentrated, Therapeutic Grade)
Scents Description: a dry and clean 'tea-like' scents
Species Name: Salvia sclarea
Country of Origin: Eastern Europe
Extraction: Fresh flowering tops & leaves
Note: Top

* Comforting & deeply relaxing.
* Relieves migraine & menopause symptoms
* Good for scanty & painful menstruation.
* Effective for muscle spasms & cramps.
* Excellent for high blood pressure.

Safety Data:
Perfectly safe for home use. Avoid during early pregnancy.
Not to be confused with common sage (Salvia Officinalis) which is not to be used in aromatherapy.

For bathing, add  4 drops of Blu Scents Geranium and 4 drops of Clary Sage pure essential oil to the warm bath water when the tub is 80% full. Close the door of the bathroom so the vapours don't escape. Soak for 20 - 30 minutes, breathing in deeply to get yourself relax.

For foot bath, add 2 drops of Blu Scents Geranium and 1 drops of Clary Sage pure essential oil to a bucket of warm water, soak for 10 - 15 minutes, it is also one of the effective ways in improving your blood circulation.

Pure essential oils are very powerful, concentrated substances that should never be applied directly onto the skin because an adverse reaction could occur.
For massage, you are advised to blend 3 drops of Blu Scents Geranium and 3 drops of Clary Sage pure essential oil into a 10ml of carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond oil , Grapeseed oil  or Organic Sunflower oil.
Please to be reminded not to massage to sore joints that hurts, just apply gently. However, if it doesn't hurt, a good massage can help warm the joints, increase blood flow and relieve the pain. While, for problem or sensitive skin, do not massage but apply and let the skin to absorb.

After a massage, please to be reminded that do not take bath or shower within the first two hours in order to get the full benefit from the essential oils.
On the other hand, if you wish to apply as skin moisturisers, the best time to apply is straight after a bath or shower, when the skin is soft, warm, damp and slightly swollen with water.


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