Absolute Romance Pure Essential Oil Remedy

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* Creating deep relaxing
* Promote romance atmosphera
* Feeling warmth & love
* Awaken desire
* 100% pure essential oil – 100% naturally extracted from plants
* Concentrated & with therapeutic grade,  source from members of ATC (Aromatherapy Trade Council) in UK

Blu Scents Absolute Romance Pure Essential Oil Remedy Inclusive Of:

1 x Blu Scents Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil 5ml
1 x Blu Scents Patchouli Pure Essential Oil 5ml


At times simply because we're over-stressed and overworked, most of us don't seem to possess any energy for romance. There are some pure essential oils works great for reawaken the senses and induce love and romance.
Re-capture the lovely moments with Blu Scents Absolute Romance with your partner. Simply vapourising the pure essential oils to invoke romantic feelings. Relax and feel the love within yourself and enveloped in the air. You also can added a few drops for a romantic bath.


YLANG YLANG Pure Essential Oil
100% Cananga odorata (Concentrated, Therapeutic Grade)
Scents Description: an intensely sweet and soft floral scent
Species Name: Cananga odorata
Country of Origin: Comores
Extraction: Freshly picked flowers
Note: Base

* Soothing & deeply relaxing properties.
* Known for its intrinsic aphrodisiac properties.
* Useful for irritability, panic attacks & PMS.
* Good for hypertension & rapid breathing .
* Scalp tonic & stimulates hair growth.


Blends Well:
Blends well with Patchouli, Vetivert, Bergamot, etc.

Safety Data:
Perfectly safe for home use.

A few drops in any massage /bath will soothe away stress, improve your mood & stimulate the senses.


PATCHOULI Pure Essential Oil
100% Pogostemon cablin (Concentrated, Therapeutic Grade)
Scents Description: A rich herbaceous-earthy aroma
Species Name: Pogostemon Cablin
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Extraction: Dried leaves
Note: Base (Heavy Viscous)

* Reputed for calming nervous system.
* Easing impotence & frigidity.
* Anti-fungal properties help combat dandruff.
* Help with regeneration of new cells.
* Good for aged,cracked & other skin problems.

Blends Well:
Geranium, Rosewood, Ylang-ylang, etc.

Safety Data:
Perfectly safe for home use.

It makes a relaxing body massage, as well as a therapeutic head & scalp massage

Vapourising pure essential oils is one of the nicest ways to enjoy aromatherapy, and creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere anywhere in your home or at work!
Simply add 6 drops of Blu Scents Ylang Ylang & 1 drop of Patchouli Pure Essential Oil, light up tea light candle in lower chamber then fill upper reservoir with water for gentle diffusion of aroma & create your own restful sanctuary. Don’t let the oil burner burn dry, refill water as necessary.

Add 8 drops of Ylang Ylang & 2 drops of Patchouli Pure Essential Oil to the warm bath water for a romantic bath.

Dilute 6 drops of Blu Scents Ylang Ylang & 1 drops of Patchouli Pure Essential Oil with 10ml carrier oil, such as almond oil or sunflower oil and massage.

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