Deep Sleep Premier Diffuser Gift Set

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* Lovely aroma gift.
* Ultrasonic technology, effective in vaporizing pure essential oils
* Safe & easy to operate
* Promotes deep & restful sleep.
* Emotionally warming, calming & relaxing.

Blu Scents Deep Sleep Premier Diffuser Gift Set Inclusive Of:
1 x Blu Scents Premier Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
1 x Blu Scents Deep Sleep Pure Essential Oil 5ml
1 x Decorative storage basket
1 x Wrapping decorated with ribbon


Bless your loved one with a restful night's sleep with Blu Scents Deep Sleep Premier Diffuser Gift Set.

This set includes with Blu Scents therapeutic grade Deep Sleep pure essential oil, and premier ultrasonic aroma diffuser. Pleasantly soft citrus with floral scents and undertone with a woody balsamic aroma, what a wonderful way to envelope yourself with the relaxing ambiance and inducing a deep & restful sleep.

It's a warmth and touching gift to drift away tension and tiredness.

Simply fill up with water and sprinkle few drops of pure essential oil into the ultrasonic aroma diffuser, turn on to enjoy the beautiful scents and at the same time let the glow of colourful lighting helps to soften the environment.

Nicely presented with a decorative storage basket with ribbons, great for self-indulgence or gift giving.
The design or colour of wrapping paper and ribbon may be vary depending on the availability.


DEEP SLEEP Pure Essential Oil
Synergy Blend of 100% pure essential oil (Concentrated, Therapeutic Grade)
A fine blend of
Citrus paradisi, Lavandula angustifolia, Amyris balsamifera, Cananga odorata, Santalum spicatum
Scents Description: A soft citrus scents followed by lovable floral aroma & a woody balsamic undertone.
Size: 5ml

* Promotes deep & restful sleep.
* Emotionally warming, calming & relaxing.
* Good for depression, grief & restlessness.
* Great antiseptic & anti-infection properties.
* Strengthens the immune system.

Safety Data:
Perfectly safe for home use.

To be terribly tired yet unable to sleep? Starting to worry about it, feel tired all day or are mentally unalert then you possibly have insomnia. Insomnia may cause problems during the day, such as tiredness, a lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, and irritability.

Pure Essential Oils are the key to Unwinding. Many oils, are said to have a sedative effect, you should find it hard to stay awake. Blu Scents Deep Sleep is a calming oil for a busy mind and its sedative properties give effective relief from insomnia.

Spend a little moments for yourself after a hard day work, sprinkle few drops of Blu Scents Deep Sleep onto a burner or vapouriser will help to relax the nervous system and drift off into a deep sleep.

Blu Scents Synergy Blends are all traditional England recipes, practising the ancient wisdom & art of blending, each with its own specific therapeutic values and delighting aroma.

When pure essential oils blended together, the individual properties are mutually enhancing upon one another, the whole is powerful than the sum of the part. When such blends harmonized, and complement with each other, the combination is known as “synergy”, achieve a greater result from aromatherapy.

By choosing Blu Scents Synergy Blend, you can experience the goodness of aromatherapy in a simpler way!!



Blu Scents Premier Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser integrated with the latest ultrasonic vibration mechanism and the amazing multiple LED coloured light. This must be the perfect way to enliven your home with enchanting fragrances and soothing colourful lightings.


This impressive aroma diffuser creates a cozy space with a modern edge, classic white trim with woody outlook furthers the calming mood of the room. Ideal for bedrooms and apartments, or other intimate spaces.

Available with continuous and intermittent mode, effective in diffusing pure essential oils in accordance to your own choice and the glow of colourful lighting also helps to soften the environment. Furthermore, with its fine & tiny mist also helps to hydrate especially air-conditioned environments without creating condensation.


As you wish, you may opt to 'pause' your preferred colour of the lighting or ‘off ’ lighting mode making it perfect for use at night time too.


It is also incorporates with a patented auto shut-off to bring you peace of mind, which will be triggered when the water level falls below the minimum level. This makes them safe to use in elderly and young children’s room.


Render a lift to the air we breathe today by inviting nature to our home!



Size: 100 x 140mm

Weight: Approx. 440g

Material: PP

Rated power: 9W

Water tank capacity: 200ml

Accessories: 1x Adaptor, 1x instructions Manual


Attentions and notes

1. This diffuser operates maximum up to 8 hours continuously

2. It is normal that the mist produced varies in intensity

3. The types of water used, the temperature & wind direction will affect the mist produced

4. The aroma diffuser cannot operate without water

5. Use only 100% pure essential oil. It’s possible to damage the diffuser if the oil used contained synthetic chemicals or carrier oils.


Decorative storage basket
Beautiful storage basket that combines stylish with function, allowing you to enjoy a clutter-free home. The design or colour may vary depending on the availability.

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