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* 100% Natural & Chemical Free
* NO Animal Ingredients, NO Synthetic Fragrance, NO Synthetic Coloring
* Therapeutic blend of 100% pure Essential Oils and carrier oils
* A light moisturizer made for oily or acne prone skin
* Anti bacterial and anti fungal properties; combat mild to moderate acne effectively
* Helps clear up acne blemishes, allowing skin to heal, preventing future breakouts


Purifying in Deep!
A light moisturizer made for oily or acne prone skin. Cleansing and moisturizing properties are wonderful benefits of this recipe.
It’s anti bacterial and anti fungal properties will combat mild to moderate acne effectively. It helps clear up acne blemishes, allowing skin to heal, preventing future breakouts.

Aroma: a relaxing floral-herbaceous and berries-like scents
Size: 15ml

Start with one application daily and gradually increase to two times daily.
Use daily to rejuvenate and condition on clean damp facial skin. Gently massage one pump into the skin using upward stokes, smoothing wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and on the forehead. Leave it for a while, and then wipe off the excess with a tissue.

Mystery Of Flowers
This dedicated series is a deeply nourishing skin treatment consisting if blended carrier oils and 100% therapeutic pure essential oils designed to rejuvenate and moisturize skin from within the skin cells, filling them with oxygenated blood, minerals, proteins and vitamins; leaving it supple and radiant.

From the most sensitive and dry skin to dehydrated with oily T-zone imbalances, this series is a master at disssolving excess sebum while refining skin texture and leaving it feeling soft. As long as oil is from a plant source and not synthetic, it will not clog pores, feel heavy and doesn't leave any greasy residue.

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International Practitioner Of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) approved therapists

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