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* 100% Natural cold-pressed carrier oil
* Moisturise and nourish your delicate skin
* Helps to soften stretch marks
* Calms the irritation, soothes sunburn
* Fantastic skin hydrator & quickly penetrates dry or damaged skin



100% Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis
Country of origin: EU
Extraction: Kernels (Cold-pressed)
Contains: Rich in protein, glucosides, minerals, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E
Size: 100ml

FREE of Synthetic: Preservatives, Fragrances & Colours

* Nourishing, soothing & healing to skin.
* Safe & natural non-toxic alternatives.
* Calms irritation caused by skin problem.
* Soothes sunburn & itchy skin.
* Helps to soften stretch marks.
* Good for dry, ageing, dehydrated skins.

Safety Data:
Perfectly safe for home use.

An industry standard in Aromatherapy for massage and bodywork!
100% Natural and Pure cold-pressed carrier oils that keep all the natural properties to moisturise and nourish your delicate skin.
Protects, nourishes and softens the skin. Helps to soften stretch marks, and calms the irritation caused by eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis. It is also extensively used in skincare, and soothes sunburn. It soaks into the skin easily without leaving a greasy residue. It is a fantastic skin hydrator & quickly penetrates dry or damaged skin.
Compared to other carrier oils, sweet almond has a medium viscosity.It is well tolerated by all skin types
Sweet Almond Oil has been used in skin problem since ancient times (Roman).

As skin ages, it becomes less elastic, lines and wrinkles may start to appear. A combination of this light-textured carrier oil and essential oil is excellent for helping to preserve the youthful appearance of your skin, for rejuvenating mature skin and regeneration of new skin.

It is also often used as a nail conditioner and cuticle softener.

For massage, mix 6 drops of Blu Scents' Pure Essential oils with 10 ml carrier oil. Warm the blended oils between the palms of your hands, and then massage straight onto the skin, using palms and fingers to distribute them evenly over the body, applying extra pressure to work tired or tense muscles.

* Can be contraindicated for nut allergy.
* Avoid vapour inhalation.
* Not considered dangerous. Edible quality.

Perfect Blend:
Improves skin suppleness: Ylang-Ylang, Frankincense, Geranium
Re-hydrate skin: Lavender, Chamomile Roman, Sandalwood


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