HEALTH & LONGEVITY Pure Essential Oil

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* Strong antiseptics properties with uplift effect.
* Invokes powerful healing & curative energy.
* Strengthens the defence system.
* Synergy Blend of 100% pure essential oil – 100% naturally extracted from plants.
* Concentrated & with therapeutic grade, source from members of ATC (Aromatherapy Trade Council) in UK

HEALTH & LONGEVITY Pure Essential Oil

Synergy Blend of 100% pure essential oil (Concentrated, Therapeutic Grade)
Scents Description: Fresh grassy scents with a warmth resinous woody smell undertone.
Size: 5ml

This aroma have very strong antiseptics properties with uplift effect, it has invokes powerful healing & curative Chi, which protect you and your family from diseases & falling sick.

Let the aroma filter the air, it'll improve your overall physical health, including the physical health of the entire family. To have better result, you may just vaporise the aroma in the centre of your living.

Blu Scents’ Feng Shui Aroma
Pure Essential Oils are extracted from different parts of the plants, the pure essence of it is the life force of the plant and after vaporizing a force of energy will be released, we called it as ‘Chi’. In the world of Aromatherapy with Feng Shui, Pure Essential Oils are introduce to stimulate the ‘chi’ to encourage balance and harmonise atmosphere; purify and cleansing, energize or create a very sensuality environment.

Diffusing Blu Scents’ Feng Shui Aroma is one of the easiest and vibrant solution to awaken the flow of positive ‘Chi’. It’s an effective and wonderful way in inviting positive ‘chi’ into our living area or working place through employing the power of mother nature.

The natural way of improving your life with Blu Scents’ powerful Feng Shui Aroma Series, must be the perfect way of energizing your body, mind and soul; as well as your home by stimulating the flow of Chi (energy) to welcome health, prosperity, happiness & joy into your life.


Simply add in 5-10 drops of Feng Shui oil to your aroma burner, light up tea light candle in lower chamber then fill upper reservoir with water.

Placed it to your designated space, be it your living room, bedroom, office, and voila! - you can start enjoy the healing scents in your favourite place. This will get your personal element being enhanced & help to smoother your inner flow of Chi.

Whenever your inner spirit getting stronger; it will naturally harmonize your inner soul with nature. In other word, this will naturally improve your luck in all way round & promote good fortune. You just could not believe how amazing it work wonder on you & your family members.

Try it with an open mind! Steep yourself & your love one into a good Feng Shui environment, to ensure luck falling on them naturally starting from today.

* Keep out of reach of children.
* Avoid contact with eyes.
* Early pregnancy should avoid or seek medical advice before use.



Why Blu Scents?

* 100% pure essential oil, concentrated, therapeutic grade
* Synergy Blend of 100% pure essential oil – 100% naturally extracted from plants
* Source from members of Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC), in United Kingdom
* Stringent laboratory  (GLC method) testing


In 2004 Blu Scents was established to share the benefits of aromatherapy through a range of therapeutic-grade products and treatments. We've continued to develop and expand our products’ ranges for your convenience accessibility. We are dedicated to sharing the positive benefits of essential oils as widely as possible.

It's more than a business for us; it's a way of life.

At Blu Scents we have a rigorous policy to ensure that our oils are not just 100% pure, but of excellent quality - source from members of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC) in United Kingdom directly. Stringent Laboratory testing ensures the quality of Original Essential Oil for maintaining its natural healing properties.

Our company brings together a team of talented and committed people with unique and complementary skills. With experience in product development, we understand your aromatherapy needs from every angle. Our hands-on approach enables us to provide a comprehensive service at every level. We pride ourselves on providing all our customers with first class service and guaranteed value.

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